Physiotherapy plays important role in

  • Prevention of deformities and disabilities &
  • Activities engaged in rehabilitation programmes for individuals suffering from musculoskeletal

The college staff and student have worked in the Earthquake hit area of Osmanabad and Latur in (1993-94) and still visit the Gujrat Area for Physiotherapy advice.

Donation of Rs. 25,000/- received from Dorabjee Tata Trust is utilized for establishing Physiotherapy facilities in Ratnagiri area. Haemophilia Patients regularly attend the college for Physiotherapy treatment. They come from all over Maharashtra and are referred by Haemophilia Society, Pune Chapter.

All the students actively participate in social projects of this nature regularly. The college is fortunate to have an excellent teaching staff both for Basic Sciences as well as for Physiotherapy Teaching.

Our College is attached to Haemophilia Society, Pune Chapter.


our associate Professors conducts 'Training Programe for Physiotherapist working with Haemophilia' every year. Selected Physiotherapist from all over India come to take this training at C.D.P. every year. Until now she has conducted 5 training programmes.